White Paper
CASTWEET will create a new era
of live streaming platform.
Castweet, we launch BTC market pair in Hanbitco exchange.. “Castweet Token(CTT) will list on the Hanbitco Exchange.” is published by Castweet.
Castweet and Probit, Our staking event finished only 3 minutes.. we make the event for “providing a spark during the difficult times due to the Coronavirus,”  The staking event was ended in 3 minutes….
CASTWEET conquer the digital asset market aggressively.. The digital asset Castweet Token(CTT) can change by the Bitcoin in Probit exchange..
K-Group started the first E-bay Korea Sourcing Agency.. “Castjam, they assign the Memorandum of Understanding with K-Group” is published by Castweet.
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